Monday, March 29, 2010

Dear Joe Klein:

Congratulations! You’ve goose-stepped the distance and landed at last, mouth-first, in the anti-Semitic sludge that is Pat Buchanan territory. Calling those with whom you disagree on Israel “treacherous” is cute, especially from a little guy who snivels about the use of harsh language—and by the way, were you too chicken actually to use the word “traitor,” or did Time’s lawyers put their pretty little Louboutin-shod feet down about that?—and now here you are, wading in the stink with the likes of Buchanan, Philip Giraldi, Taki, et al. Before this I would have said you couldn’t much like it there, but now I’m not so sure. Of course, you know that when they dream about coming to get us with the pitchforks and the lynching-ropes, it’s your face they’re seeing, too.  Just sayin’.

Happy Passover.

Your concerned co-religionist,

Bad Rachel


  1. Klein's article should be required reading for all Jewish Democrats. Read and cast your vote in November.

  2. Joe,
    Just this afternoon I asked one of my partners in a law firm "don't you feel stupid now?" He answered, "Why, because I don't vote for either my wallet or Jewish self-interest?" "Um, yes," I said.

    He's 70. QED.