Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wild Monkeys Couldn’t Drag Me Away

Warships, armored cars, and armed guards are all very well in their place, but powerless when it comes to marauding fruits and macaques. Thus, according to the New York Post, authorities in Bombay, in a preemptive strike, are removing coconuts from trees in order to prevent them from falling on our president’s head when he visits Saturday; meanwhile, in Delhi, “‘As several incidents of monkey-menace have been reported from the area, we are keeping a watch on the simians,’ a police officer said.”

It’s a relief to know that whatever else may befall him during his post-election wound-licking weekend in India, Mr. Obama will not be interfered with either by monkeys or by coconuts.


  1. Hi Rachel. I'm Janice. I've often wondered if we are related by marriage. My son-in-law is related to the Abrams family. Floyd, Elliot and Dan are the names I know of or you are a different Abrams.

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  2. I should think that any U.S. President would be afforded the same precautions.