Friday, July 29, 2011

Color War at Camp Jihad and a Confederacy of Malevolent Dunces

Suppose the Russian and Chinese totalitarians do as they’ve promised and, despite our threatened veto, join forces at the UN with Islamism-appeasing Europeans, Latin American aid-beggars nostalgic for the good old days when to be a member of the Non-Aligned Movement was to be somebody, genocidal despots of the African continent, and whichever Arab tyrannies are still clinging to life come September, in support of the unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state in Gaza and the Arab-occupied territories west of the Jordan River. 

Who do they think will man that state? The stale, pathetic, corrupt president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas? Saeb Erekat and Yasser Abbed Rabbo, toadies of the late murderer Yasser Arafat, for whom to speak is to lie? Khaled Meshaal, slinking in from his Damascene hidey-hole, with the ghosts of Hamas masterminds Sheikh Ahmed Yassin and Abdel Aziz Rantisi guiding his bloody project? The ousted Gazan triggerman Muhammad Dahlan, who has just returned from his Egyptian exile to fight charges of corruption, murder, and the attempted toppling of Abbas? Suicide bomber, mourner of mujahid Osama bin Laden, and Hamas prime minister Ismael Haniyeh?

Or maybe they are resting their hopes upon Salam Fayyad, technocrat, U.S.-educated economist, caretaker PA prime minister, a man beleaguered by his crooked, squabbling, blood-soaked colleagues, in fear for his life, struggling to build the institutions of a state in preparation for its establishment—a regular Theodore Herzl—a democrat with (just a little frisson of) a difference, to wit, his pattern of  incitement against the Jewish State, most recently of children attending the Palestine in the Eyes of the Martyrs (Shahids) Summer Camp” where, as Palestinian Media Watch translates from Al Ayyam,

[p]articipants were divided into four groups, named after leaders and fighters: Martyr (Shahid) President Yasser Arafat, Martyr Commander Salah Khalaf, Martyr Abu Ali Mustafa, and Martyr Dalal Mughrabi. Several senior Palestinian Authority officials visited the summer camp, headed by [PM] Salam Fayyad and Fatah Central Committee members Jamal Muhaisen and Sultan Abu Al-Einein. . . . A closing ceremony at the end of the summer camp was held under the auspices of Fayyad . . . who gave out awards [to officials involved in the summer camp.] . . . Dalal Mughrabi in 1978 led the most lethal terror attack in Israel's history, in which 37 civilians were killed, 12 of them children. Salah Khalaf (Abu Iyad) was the head of the Black September terror group. He planned many terror attacks including the murder of two American diplomats, as well as the murder of 11 Israeli athletes in the Munich Olympics in 1972. Abu Ali Mustafa, General Secretary of the terror organization Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine . . .  planned numerous terror attacks against Israeli civilians during the Palestinian terror campaign (“the Intifada”).

Will it make a bit of difference to that confederation of anti-Zionist malevolents at the UN, if they actually care to consider it, that there is no one to whose hands the keys to a Palestinian state may be safely entrusted? 

But they don’t care to consider it—to most of them Palestinians exist in theory only, as symbols of a triumph in potentia over the rising of the despised Jews from the ashes of destruction to the greatness of the (tiny) Israeli nation—so the question is moot, and the hypothetical state they espouse will remain a chimera.  

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