Wednesday, November 7, 2012

On That 70 Percent of the Jewish Vote

I’d like to congratulate my co-religionists on yet another job well-done. 

We Jews have frequently enjoyed risking our own future in elections (and hey, if that of others who may not have as much reason to know better is jeopardized in the process, well, tant pis), and we’ve successfully done so once again. But never mind: We champions of the welfare state have had a Welfare State of our own, which has saved us from ourselves, with a few cataclysmic exceptions, time after time across our long, stiff-necked history. Lessons unlearned in our wanderings may have germinated like Topsy in the blood-fertilized lands of our erstwhile Arab and European hosts, but we’ve sprouted up in them, and elsewhere, over and over nevertheless, thanks to an unaccountably forgiving Unseen Hand.

So, will we dance that same irresistible tango of lesson and salvation in throwing ourselves behind a “right” to unlimited, uncensored abortion on demand that may include acts of infanticide; in cherishing the exquisite freedom of the “transgendered” adult “female” who hasn’t quite made the cut to expose his not-as-yet-transgendered genitals to our nine-year-old daughters in swimming-pool locker rooms; or in complying, open-eyed, in the establishment of a fully-armed and arming Iran, whose weapons, cocked, are pointed directly at us?

We’d damn well better prayif we still know how—that the answer is yes.

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  1. We've for so long had our worst enemies - within us. As the coming holiday of Chanukah attests to best, for then, as now, (בימים ההם בזמן הזה) the Reformists (x-Hellenists) or Jewish leftists want nothing more than yield more and more rights and privileges to the Arab and to the Gentile, thinking, quite wrongly, they will love us more.