Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sick Addiction

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party, whose fidelity financial and electoral all Dem administrations can and do take fully for granted, American Jewry is in a quandary right now. It’s mostly private, as its quandaries usually are when it comes to the sins of Dem presidents against American Jews and the Jewish State. As if failing to do their duty to the Party were akin to rising up in rebellion against kaiser or czar and inviting the unleashing of Cossack fury against them, the Jews who ought to have something to say about the ill wind blowing toward Israel from Mr. Obama’s office are passing their whispered worries from one to another: "Oy! What should we do? Oy! What should we say? Is it enough that X is saying something? Can we hide behind that? Do we have to say something, too? Oy!"

That Jimmy Carter managed to get 45 percent of the Jews to vote for him in 1980, despite his expressed hostility to them and to Israel; that Bill Clinton’s bullying of Itzhak Rabin and Ehud Barak and his appeasement of Yasser Arafat led directly to the Second Intifada translated not at all to a dis-allegiance to his party by the Jews; that the inexplicable, never-ending, quivering Jewish hero-worship of FDR, notwithstanding the greatness of his guilt by omission in the destruction of the Jews of Europe, should continue to this day—these are all symptoms of the sick Jewish addiction to the Party, and to the access to its leaders all the Jews money and their fealty have provided.  

Enough now, Jews!  Speak up and defend the Jewish State and the right of its citizens to build in their eternal and undivided capital, Jerusalem, against a president whos proving as inimical to you and yours as the one whose secretary of state could say “F*** the Jews, they didn’t vote for us anyway”lest by your almost chemical dependence on his Party and on him you find you have collaborated in the launching of the Third Intifada, or worse, and you find you are not whispering "Oy!" but saying Kaddish for the dead of Israel.  


  1. As much as I agree with this in its entirety, those whom you wish to reach will not hear.

    They are true believers and no challenge to their belief system (which has supplanted Judaism) will allow them to cast off their self-imposed blinders.


  2. Is this 'Bash Israel Week'? Or is this a ploy to distance ourselves from Israel before it attacks the 'Holocaust Denier'. Or have I seen too many Jason Bourne movies?