Saturday, July 10, 2010

Satan's Laughter

Brent Bozell takes after the modern art world’s latest affront to art and our sensibilities, describing an episode of the Bravo show “Work of Art” in which contestants are introduced to Andres Serrano, author of “Piss Christ,” and then sent off to create their own assaultive pieces of revoltingness. This they do with all the alacrity and joy (or lack of it) of all the hairdressers, would-be fashion designers, and pet-groomers who contest for prizes on similar shows, and if you care to know more about the “works of art” they produce, read on in Mr. Bozell’s mind-curling piece. (Noteyou’ll find some disappointment among the judges: not enough semen.)

“There is no outcry,” he concludes, “because our popular culture is thoroughly rotten. There reaches a point where you have to say it: I believe in evil. Satan is laughing.”

It is an appalling show, making no more of art than the mostly-lavishly-gay bunch of groomers who are presumably otherwise out of work make of pet care on the grooming show, with the ludicrous dye jobs and hairstyles they perpetrate against innocent dogs. But I can’t say I can bring myself to agree with him about Satan. I, too, believe in evil, and I’d say Satan’s found a far more mellifluous laughing-ground among the Muslims, who please themselves to bury women up to their heads and stone them to death for “adultery,” murder their own daughters for “mingling,” and practice forms of human sacrifice—selling their sons to Pashtun pedophiles, for one, or celebrating their childrens’ deaths in suicide bombings, for another. To name just a few of the ways Islam holds the Satan laugh hand at the moment. So enough with the wah, wah, wah, Brent. Bad as it may be here at culture-rotten central (or not), it’s worse out there among the practitioners of the culture and religion of peace.


  1. While there is no doubt that other cultures are more evil than ours, our culture is the one we are most responsible for. Therefore, I find that relativism is no excuse for the decay and rot we find in our own society.

  2. "Satan" has plenty to keep himself busy with in the U.S.A. Convincing people that their selective perceptions and chauvinism have some objective basis, and can be justly tied to the entirety of some defined out-group, gives him a great start.

  3. hahaha
    you don't get it, Bad Rachel. you have to cast al-Islam as the ultimate evil, otherwise people will start to understand that 5000 american soljahs died because Bush was too stupid to realize that muslims will vote Islam when they get to vote.
    5000 American kids died FOR NOTHING.