Monday, September 20, 2010

Brooklyn Boy Writes:

From Reuters:

White House deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes told reporters during a telephone briefing that in order for Iran to walk through that door [of international engagement], it would have to demonstrate the peaceful intent of its nuclear program.

Let us parse that statement! Just when will Iran have to demonstrate the peaceful intent of its nuclear program? After they build the bomb as a check on Israeli aggression, perhaps? And anyway, Ben Rhodes is not a national security adviser, or rather, would not be in any universe that made sense. He was Obama's top foreign-policy speechwriter and was then made a Deputy National Security adviser . . . for Communications. I suppose it’s possible that he’s not only writing speeches but also dictating foreign policy, in which case it’s time I take my suicide pills.

And do you remember an article a year ago about Rhodes, a big profile in Politico? While he was writing a key Iraq War speech he said he used Google to find inspirational anecdotes about the troops. Because he didn't know anything about the war or our military and had to Google everything. I'm not kidding!

Rhodes is also behind Obama’s telling the story of two Marines who died trying to stop a suicide bomber from entering an American military compound in Iraq.

During “the download,” Obama had told Rhodes he wanted to end on the troops.

“I literally just spent a lot of time Googling,” Rhodes said.

Is it time to move to Canada with Susan Sarandon?

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