Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tender These Tender People a Homeland

Why shouldn’t the U.N. give Islamic Jihad and Hamas a state, as long as they’re thinking of doling them out? Blood-cultists need a country as much as the next “Palestinian.” The 10,000-man wipe-Israel-off-the-map rally is a growth industry, requiring room. Why must Gazans carry their sons on their shoulders to their convocations of sanguinity, when they could be walking side-by-side with them, sharing space adequate for the lobbing of rocks and grenades and the aiming of RPGs?

I say declare them a state, and don’t bother stopping at the tiny sliver of land that comprises Israel. Make it a big old Platonic state.  Like Atlantis, or Helike, or whatever it is we are these days calling the island kingdom that according to the ancients went down in one colossal night of earthquakes and tsunamis and now resides in perfect peace under the sea.

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  1. Rachel,

    Moving the Palestinians somewhere else would not help the Israelis.

    How about this instead...
    We move every Israeli Jew (and those Arabs that would like to live in a flourishing democracy) elsewhere.

    Well, there are criteria...
    1) A place far away from the enemies of current day Israel.
    2) A place no one else in the world wants.
    3) A place accessible to trading partners.

    The Place...
    Southern Mongolia.
    Yeah. Mongolia!
    Think about it...It's a desert. No problem to the Israelis who can tame that place.

    It's far away from the Arab Nations, and the anti-Semites in Europe.
    No one else wants to live there.
    It'll share a border with China, and goods can be exchanged with other technology thinking countries like South Korea and Japan.

    Plus, the best part is that every Sunday, Jews can cross the border and get really good Chinese food.

    It's a win win.

    Mongolia needs a friend and an Ally.
    It too is a democracy that has few friends.

    So? What do you think?