Sunday, December 19, 2010

Biden Addendum

Bad Rachel, I almost forgot. Don’t Ask Don’t Tel-a-brate Good Times Tonite! It’s called progress, and our first Muslim president just delivered! Boom! Gays in the Military. The haters in the GOP hate. We govern. That simple. That’s my 2016 campaign slogan. “They Hate. We Govern.” Here’s something you gotta know about The Gays. They love Biden. Think I’m fabulous. And I tell it to them right back. I am Betty White and the other Golden Girls all rolled into one helluva vice president. That’s Joe Biden. 1,000 percent for The Gays. Thank me for a being a friend. Joe Biden 2016.

1 comment:

  1. Shorter than Dorothy, dumber than Rose, as sexy as Sophia and as subtle as Blanche. He's a walking Golden Girls Gong Show.