Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Through A State Department Glass Darkly

Perusing this little morsel from the office of the Deputy Secretary of State, it’s difficult to avoid the conclusion that State’s Arabist geographers have taken over the Foggy Bottom asylum at last: Today’s Media Note announces Mr. Steinberg’s visit to “Israel, Jerusalem and the West Bank.” Well golly, State Department mouthpieces, thanks for the clarifying public admission of the thing we’ve believed about you forever, but here’s a little piece of information for your incomplete files: Jerusalem is in Israel —Biblically, historically, and, yes, even geographically—and not only is it in Israel, but it is the Eternal and Indivisible Capital of the Jewish State, and no amount of wishing or redrawing of maps by you will ever make it otherwise.

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    Jerusalem should not be divided, and Israel should have it.

    Mohammed used to pray while kneeling toward Jerusalem: that only changed when the Israel of the time turned down his request for a supporting army from them.