Saturday, July 9, 2011

What a Great Civilization Produces

Yo, Arabs! Where are your breakthroughs in medicine, mathematics, economics, chemistry, astronomy, surgery, physics—to name but a few—today? What have you done with the extraordinary gifts and blessings that constituted the heyday of Islamic enlightenment nine centuries ago? Inflicting dhimmitude on The Other, blaming your insufficiencies on the Crusades, expelling by force, murder, rapine, and jihad the Jews who once upon a time ornamented your lands have done nothing to advance Arab civilization. Rise up, not only against your corrupt and tyrannical leaders, but also against your own self-imposed tragedy of diminishment!

Or not. Continue to incite against the Jews, to persecute Christians, to torture and subjugate your daughters and sisters, to choose tribalism over modernity, and to Hell with you.

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