Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Because When You’re Speaking of Health and Education to Poor People In Botswana and South Africa . . .

. . . and while you’re at it teaching them to plant kitchen gardens (Let’s Move, Soweto!), you’ve just got to have your hairstylist and makeup artist along with you: Nobody who’s anybody in this fat, ugly world of ours pulls up carrots without her false eyelashes on. You’ll need them, as well, when you’re off to Johannesburg with your “senior staff,” Sasha and Malia, to use Nelson Mandela as a “surreal” prop in his retirement retreat. And you’ll want to look your very best (see fat, ugly world, above), naturally (or somewhat less than naturally) to go see some stuff at the Madikwe Game Reserve.  

Worth every single pennyespecially the pennies fat-cat Republican haves (with their 35 percent income-tax rate) are raking in at the expense of hard-working Democrat have-nots” (15 percent)of our taxpayer money, that $432,142 safari, I’d say.

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