Monday, January 30, 2012

What Do "Palestinian" Women Want?

Why are they not spilling out into the streets every day by the hundreds of thousands to denounce the persistent, repugnant glorification of murder and child sacrifice by their men and, even worse, their sisters? Why do they countenance in virtual silence the chilling, wicked sight of “Palestinian” women  congratulating their sons and daughters for the murder of other people’s children? Why is the almost more abhorrent spectacle of mothers celebrating the “martyrdom” of their own children as suicide bombers acceptable to them? Why are these things not cause for a massive rebellion—an Arab Womens Spring—demanding the complete liberation from an ancient brutality that threatens to sink them, with the complicity of their “presidents” and “prime ministers” and “religious authorities,” and the torpid indifference of the rest of the world, into a Boschian hell?

It’s not possible that that is what they want.  Is it?

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  1. Dear Rachel,
    I have asked myself the same question. I have asked it also of the Afghan civilians. American soldiers are dying so they may live free, and yet there have been 32 insider attacks there this year alone. Young men and women from half way around the world risking their lives for what? For bowed heads, and silence...where is the Afghani outrage??? I will tell you why there is no outrage in Afganistan, nor in Gaza, nor in Rwanda, or in Darfur, or in Europe when 6 million Jews went to death camps...Because so many people are cowards. They are too afraid to stand up to tyranny, injustice, murder, and the despots who perpetrate these crimes...especially if it's happening to someone else. And this is how so few can ruin, and destroy so many...because the many will not shout "NO, NO MORE!!!" I do not advocate the method used by Mohamed Bouazizi to take a stand against the oppression in Tunisia...but the lesson he taught us all is that we can, and we must take a stand, and speak out against the evils in this world if we want to change it. Sometimes we must be brave...we must step forward. We can not look the other way. When our brother, or sister is matter the cost...we must make a stand. We all know deep in our souls there are worse things than dying...and the acceptance of atrocities to our fellow man is one of them.