Saturday, June 18, 2011

Things A Woman Can Do



1903: “She can love and not be jealous.”
2011: She can love . . . herself. And be jealous of herself. Ingenious multi-tasking.

1903: “She can reason.”
2011: O reason not the need!

1903: “She can be sure of her facts before saying: ‘I’m just as positive as I can be.’”

1903: “She can conquer her husband by chiding him when he is in a lamblike humor.”
2011: She can cling to her husband by hiding from his ambidextrous amours.

1903: “She can admire another woman’s stylish bonnet without saying ‘I wish it were mine.’”
2011: But why not just attempt to don it?  

1903: “She can regard things and people from a dispassionate, impersonal standpoint—a really truly one.”
2011: Or not.

Is life better? I suppose it could be worse: We could be living in Saudi Arabia, or Iran, or Syria.

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