Sunday, November 6, 2011

“It Is a Good Feeling to Be Under Drone Attack”

So says Abu Ahmed, spokesman for the Al Quds Brigade, the “armed wing” of Islamic Jihad in Gaza—what is the “unarmed wing?”—discoursing theologically on the Israeli response to the massive post-prisoner-release rocket attack launched against her out of Gaza last week. 

Its good to hear the Jihadis love the drone; surely the Zionist Entity will take that under advisement.

Just as it must be forever aware that points of distinction among the sobriquets of “Palestinian” terror groups, exquisite as the blood-worshipers who run them are brutal, make not the smallest bit of difference. Whatever they’re called—Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Palestine Liberation Organization, Fatah, Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade—and whatever noms de guerre the killers and wannabe-killers at their heads adopt—Abu Ammar (Yasser Araat), Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas), Abu Ala (Ahmed Qurei), Abu Nidal (Sabri Khalil al Banna), Abu Ahmed above (given name? Who cares?)—there are no fine points of distinction in what they’re after. That isn’t Peace, or even the absence of war Kill Jews, it is, destroy the Jewish State, “reclaim” the tiny spit of land that in feckless Arab hands was barely more than malarial swamp and uncultivated desert until the Jews returned from millennia of persecuted wandering in the diaspora to render it by their fantastic courage and enterprise into a great nation once again.

If Arabs, too, are killed in the process? Well, tant mieux, apparently. “When we chose the path of resistance,” declares Mr. Ahmed, flicking his prayer beads, we opted either for martyrdom or victory. Martyrdom is the more desirable.”  


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  1. The drone offensive, then, may be the biggest diplomatic success of the Obama presidency. Charles Bolden, call your office.

    Drones be upon them!