Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Move Along, Folks, There's Nothing to See Here But Mohamed El Baradei

The International Atomic Energy Agency’s November report indicating the Persian bomb has developed apace is eliciting horrified responses from the mental Lilliputians who stand athwart the civilized world twisting their lacy undergarments against a rising tide: Frères Microphone-check Obama and Sarkozy “could resort to tough new sanctions,” after careful study; top EU foreign-policy dog Lady Catherine Ashton is all, this “seriously aggravates existing concerns on the nature of the Iranian nuclear programme”; and the Russians, who’ve been supplying the mullahs with parts, are “gravely disappointed and bewildered”  to learn what they’ve been doing with them. “We are shocked! Shocked to find there are warheads going on here!” 

It is all extremely disappointing and bewildering, though more, perhaps, for some than for others:

“The findings published in the report were known to the intelligence communities for a long time, but the significance of the report is that for the first time an independent professional body gives it a seal of approval,” explained Middle East expert Dr. Motti Keidar of Bar Ilan University.

Indeed, known for a long time to the intelligence communities; but what about to Mr. Mohamed El Baradei, the director general of the IAEA from 1997 to 2009, whose tenure, as it happens, coincided with the building of the Iranian nuke? Alas for him, this report constitutes written proof, if any were needed, that until just about yesterday, the world’s nuclear-watchdog-in-chief was deep in the pockets, if not in the actual employ, of the very people he was meant to be monitoringthe butchers of Tehranand lying about it with wonderful regularity.

Mr. El Baradei earned his Nobel Peace Prize the easy way. Will he be ready when the hard part comes, and the Devil shows up demanding his due? 

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