Sunday, February 28, 2010

Joe Biden writes:

I have been busy. Last week as everyone knows was the big health-care summit. I’m gonna call this one a big win for team White House. A big win for working families. But I’m out there reading the blogs, reading the twitter, and I see a lot of people asking: What is old Joe doing at the summit? Now Bad Rachel, I know you wouldn’t ask that question. That’s why I write to you. You know me and Obama are closer than those brothers in Menudo. But a lot of the blogs don’t get it. So let me make this clear: Old Joe does not need to say anything at the health care summit to have an effect. Just being there lets those Republicans know We Mean Business. They see me sitting there calmly and that sends all the message they need. It went exactly as Barack and I talked about it. He wanted some of that Real Talk. I said, “No Barack, you are el presidente. You gotta take these Tea Party Republicans on yourself.” By the way, did you know Rahm calls these guys tea baggers? Had to look that up. Whoa. Naughty Alert. Leave it in the bedroom fellas. But back to health care. Barack was asking for me to take the lead. He is saying: “You know me, Joe. I am liable to say something that is gonna come out all wrong. I trip myself up. Plus you know healthcare. You’ve been in the senate since 1972. You know these issues, these people.” I can’t argue with him. I am a great point man. I think I proved that on stimulus week. But there are some things that only the top man can do. I would love to be that guy. And I would be screaming: “Put me in coach,” had this been during the campaign. But things look very different when you’re sitting in the Naval Observatory. You get a whole different perspective. Sometimes leading means not doing anything. That’s my journey. That’s where Joe’s at. So I gave Barack this one. And I think he did a great job. Sure it wasn’t Joey Biden Real Talk. But it was good enough.

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