Monday, June 6, 2011

Anthony Weiner and the Deeply Regrettable, Horribly Stupid, Deceitful Personal Failing

Im a deeply regrettable weiner wagger . . . sniff . . . on accounta I dont know why, and I aint resigning, cause this was a very dumb thing to do, but it wasnt part of a plan. My wife loves me. And by the way, the people I’ve had Facebook engagements with are not young, per se.  And by the way, these were . . . sniff . . . consensual relationships, almost a frivolous exchange among friends.” 


  1. Weiner epitomizes the married men who see the Internet as a way to access gullible and "easy" women, and make online dating much more challenging for single women. I once dated a woman who went out with a Weiner for a month, before finding out her great new guy was married.