Friday, December 16, 2011

99 Percent Felonious

“We are here because our economic system is broken, and many of us are suffering,” Occupy DC’s website declares, and you can say that again: They may have pitched their geodesic REI tents in Washington’s McPherson Square “to stand up to massive financial inequalities” (the squalid unsanitary sordidness “24/7/365” is a bonus), but the Occupiers have some financial inequalities of their own to deal with right now. A sticky-fingered comrade with access to their $20,000 credit-union account robbed them of $5,500 the other day. (To each according to his needs).

(Wait. They have a $20,000 credit-union account?  Just how much are antibiotics going for these days?)

But no worries! Though “they feel they’ve been taken advantage of,” they’re not going to call the cops on him. Because property is theft. Or theft as a forcible violation of property presupposes the existence of property. Or something. It’s definitely one of them. It depends who paid for your tent.

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