Monday, December 19, 2011

Kim Jong Il, Faminist

Days of wine and roses: Dear Leader and Madeleine Albright share a laugh in North Korea

 Bill Clinton’s secretary of state, Madeleine Albright, found him “smart” and “well-informed,” though perhaps somewhat “cruel”; he gave Ms. Albright’s counselor, Wendy Sherman, a little tingle: “He was smart, engaged, knowledgeable, self-confident, sort of the master-director of all he surveyed . . . he didn’t know the answers to every question, but he knew a lot more than most leaders would—and he was a conceptual thinker”; George Bush’s hapless representative to the never-ending, always-failing Six-PartyTalks to de-nuke the Norks, Christopher “Patient But Firm” Hillopining that even top-down dictatorships “have politics” (would that be like having measles or herpes, or more like having erectile dysfunction?)sensed “a commitment to trying to move this process” along; and Barack Obama’s own Six-Party man, Stephen Bosworth, undaunted by a little missile music, promised he’d be “working very closely with our partners to ensure that after the dust from the missiles has settled a bit . . . we get back to the longer term priority” of engagement. 

Of course, engagement by any other nameappeasement, sayshames us just the same.

But never mind. All that’s passed now, along with Mr. Il himself: No longer “master” of “£350,000 of cognac a year,” all the “lobster, caviar and sushi” his little elevator-shod body could contain, or the “fleet of Mercedes Benz luxury cars” he imported; and no longer “director” of the starvation that took the lives of three million of his acorn-eating countrymen, “Dear Leader” has taken his conceptual-thinking faminism and gone to meet his maker.


  1. No longer Il. Glad he's Kim Jong Dead.

  2. Great! Just the thing to read to go to bed good and enraged!

  3. Russians cried in the streets when Stalin died, Pol Pot’s underlings are still claiming they improved Khmer society by cleansing its reactionary elements (better known as genocide) and the recently departed brother’s in Libya and Iraq will be joined by another maniacal dictator who brought eternal suffering to his people.

    Where has the United States been in this eternal humanitarian humiliation? It’s been a mixed bag at best, some were allies then adversaries, others made us unwitting pawns and the world’s most ironic twist of fate came when our former arch enemy freed the world of Pol Pot.

    I’m sure the French will miss Kim Jong Il, unless of course there’s another ‘conceptual thinker’ cum madman out there with a craving for cognac. I’m sure one will emerge somewhere.

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  5. Possibly the best use for this sack-of-festering-dog-feces would be to grind him up, add him to about 123 pounds of Dictator Helper, and feed him to those wailing Kool-Aid drinkers out in the town plaza in Pyongyang.

    Probably the first "square" meal those folks would have had in a long time.

    (Sorry. Could NOT resist.)

  6. P.S. - Love your site; linking it over at The War Planner.