Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh, Wouldja Please Just Put a Sock In It, Meghan?

“She has been a public figure for most of her life,” says Wikipedia of 25-year-old Meghan McCain, and she’s living up to every expectation for a girl who’s famous for no reason other than the happy accident of her birth. Like all good little celebrities these days, she’s embraced a cause. But it’s not the Darfur Genocide, or Freedom for Burma, or the Oppression of Women in Muslim Lands. It’s publicity. Her own. And she’s done a hell of a job getting it. In fact, you could say she’s her own Lizzie Grubman.

The daughter of “maverick” Republican Senator John McCain is a “maverick” herself—that is, maverick as McCain-lovin’ liberal commentators mean it: She’s an über-cool politics chick with lots to say of the conventional-thinking NYTimesish variety, and she’s got credulous lefties lapping up her disses of conservatives like kittens at cream bowls. Only a few days ago she treated the moron quintuplets of “The View” to a little peroration on Tom Tancredo and the Tea Party Movement (“This rhetoric will continue to turn off young voters, and anybody that says different is smoking something—period”) and lectured them on the failings of her father’s erstwhile running-mate, whom she criticized for suggesting “that President Obama could improve his re-election chances by declaring war on Iran.” “You should never go to war unless it’s the absolute last circumstance,” she warned.

Really? We didn’t know that until you told us, Meghan. Any more similarly astute political guidance from the Daily Beast’s breast aficionado? Whoopi will be grateful to get it.

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  1. Wow! I'm so glad Meghan warned us that we shouldn't go to war unless it's the "absolute LAST circumstance."
    Jeez I wish I'd thought of that. What an incisive mind she has! It' important to be willing to look beneath the surface of stuff WAR and to stay, um, abreast of the circumstances...