Friday, February 12, 2010

Sic Transit Gloria Kennedy

(With apologies to Emily Dickinson)
“Sic transit gloria Kennedy,”
How hath that tedious family,
“Dumb, drinkimus, drugimus,”
Kept afloat so lengthily?

Oh “veni, vidi, Patrick J!”
Caputski is thy dynasty!
And oh “memento mori”
The loss of that verbosity!

Down from the Legislature
The voters bid him go—
He'll quit before they fire him—
He’s felt which way the wind doth blow!
“Good bye, Sir, I am going;
My rehab calleth me—
But grieve not for me when I leave—
I’ll needlepoint and basketweave!”

Farewell thou flowery prolix blatherers!
Companions low and boon!
We’ve done with all thy sodden lathering—
Godspeed thou rambling prolix goons.

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