Monday, February 8, 2010

Sullivan Agonistes

Jennifer Rubin delivers a well-deserved spanking to the Sarah-Palin-fixated Beagle Blogger for his latest “slobbery” foray into female-physiognomy-land:
Andrew Sullivan, for one — who gained much notoriety for his gynecological scavenger hunt during the campaign — has left off where he began with what should be, but no longer is, shockingly offensive droolery about the former governor and Republican vice presidential nominee. . . . Clearly he is a man obsessed with Palin and her physique and who cannot resist the urge to degrade and reduce her to a sexual object.
A sexual object Mrs. Palin indubitably is to Mr. Sullivan, and has been from the beginning—an agonist to his antagonism: “Do not,” says he, “under-estimate the appeal of a beautiful, big breasted, divinely chosen warrior-mother as a military leader in a global religious war”; and how can we, when he won’t let us forget it? She might as well be Judy Garland or Joan Crawford, for all the time he spends (un)worshiping her.

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  1. Ms Abrams, welcome abroad. A ship sounds better than a blogging hell but none the less good posting.
    If i disagree with you i promise too refer to your thinking and not your sex.
    With all the recent advances in science and possible visits by UFOs in our past, it's possible to have a total of 47 different sexes. So that would be to con fussing and time consuming. Why do 'people' even bother?

    I almost always read your work on the Middle East and hope to see more of it.
    quite googleable